About Us

Saffron Educational And Medical Foundation

To help the world understand the way of natural cures and to teach humanity the power and the miracles of nature cure/naturopathy. The natural way is of absolute purity and the foundation intends to be aware of the people about the power of naturopathy. THE SAFFRON EDUCATIONAL AND MEDICAL FOUNDATION IS A REGISTERED TRUST REG.NO.: E-34921 (M) Saffron has started their Naturopath institute to teach the world about the forgotten healing techniques by providing practical experience in their course.

  • Heal Through The Natural Way

    Perform The Treatment That Not Only Cures But Changes You For The Better Tomorrow.

  • New Cure Is Naturopathy & Kesar Institute Is The Catilest

    Learn Modern Techniques Of Ancients Therapy & Healing Technique, With Kesar Everything Is Possible.

  • Now Learn From Anywhere & Everywhere

    By Our Platform Of Vocational Educational System Of Our Institution, Student Can Learn Treatments & Therapies, Can Be Guided By The Doctors Of Naturopathy Who Acquired Knowledge For By Having Practices Over The 16 Years

We Empower the youth to build their destiny by moulding their character and respecting their right to learn and the power to earn.


  • Educate to sculpt good human beings
  • To sensitize students on social issues
  • To promote a healthy academic culture in the faculty
  • To make the College a centre for a web of activities – academic, social and cultural, a forum for promoting a good society
  • To enable students to contribute positively to the growth and development of the institution as well as of the nation
  • At K.C.R.I.N. We Strive For Knowledge & Education More Then Degrees & Papers That Have No Values In The World Of Knowledge & Intelligence.
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