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General Health

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About Course

The Question Is Why...?

  • What Is Health
  • Why We Fall Sick
  • WhyThere Is A Need For Nutrition In Our Body.
  • Why Body Detoxification Process Is Nessary 
  • Why Health Maintainance Is Important
  • Why Natural & organic Products Are Healthier Then General Products
  • Why Healthcare In India Is Not At Its Best.
  • Why We Are Never Taught The Importance Of Health & Nutrition In Our Childhood.
  • Why Good Food Can Give You Good Energy & Happy Hormone.

To Know This Why’s Join Us For 12 Days & Solve The Mystery Of What How & Why’s

General Health
Learn About Your General Health & Wellbeing, How You Can Be Healthy All The Time & In All Situation,
Learn Why Health Matters & What Is Health
Good Food Habits
Learn What Is Good Food, Is Good Food Always Tasty Or Good Is Necessary For Our Own Health & Wellbeing.
Natural Herbs
Learn About New & Natural Herbs, How You Can Control Many Lifetime Diseases Just By The Help Of New Herbs
Why Diseases
Why Do We Suffer From Diseases & What Causes Diseases At The First Place & How You Can Cure Diseases With Food.
Problem In Todays Lifestyle
Why Everyone Is Stressed & Emotionally unstable.
Can Good Food Only Be The Solution Of It...?
Cure It
Naturopathy Has All Your Answers & Yes Natural Way Of Life Can & Will Cure Your Problems, Diseases & Make You Diseases Free...
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Course Content


  • Welcome To Kesar institute


Basis OF Naturecure

Aloe vera

Wheat Grass

Food & Water (Healthy Diet)

Alternative Of Food

Why Diseases??

3 Main Herbs

Food Intake

Wheat grass – The Panecea On Earth

How To Stay Healthy & Improve Your Metabolism

Alfa Alfa – A Healthy Way Of Life

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